Sendandsee Launches Tweet Monetisation Tool

Sendandsee has implemented a method for content owners to catch the relevant discussions and images on Twitter and integrate them into the content owners own mobile service, enabling automated integration of user-generated content and tweet monetization.
Sendandsees mobiprint is a patented mobile service creation platform that uses architecture well suited for the mobile ecosystem of low network speeds, unlimited terminal variation, and rapid and radical market evolution.
The company says the Twitter integration fits perfectly with what is known from mobile service usage analysis: mobile media is complementary to other media formats and thus a growth sector for media companies.
It notes also that media on the go is consumed with methods and behavioural patterns that are different to those of other types of media: the consumption of mobile media just happens it is not planned. The ability for a content owner to integrate the discussions on Twitter and possibly even monetize them could therefore be an important feature.
We see this feature as an important add-on to existing mobile services. It can integrate user-generated content and discussions back to the original story, creating a loop with many opportunities. says Jorma Kario, VP for Sales at Sendandsee.
Sendandsee also offers weblink building capability, which the company says will help to build the services pagerank and increase its visibility on search engines. Advertising in mobiprint can come from pre-defined sources, or Sendandsee can insert it automatically. Sendandsees mobiprint is linked with multiple advertising sources, including Smaatos mobile ad optimization platform, SOMA, which aggregates multiple leading mobile ad networks globally to maximize mobile advertising revenues.