Series Entertainment acquires Pixelberry

Series Entertainment has acquired mobile game studio, Pixelberry, for an undisclosed sum.

According to the company, the acquisition is part of its strategy to expand its studio system that “pioneers the use of generative AI to transform imaginative ideas into unforgettable gaming experiences.

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Series Entertainment also aims to deliver a diverse catalogue of genres utilising its cutting-edge development technology, the Rho Engine, the world’s first “AI-native, multimodal full-stack game creation platform.”

Series Entertainment CEO and Co-Founder, Pany Haritatos, said: “Pixelberry has been a category leader in the interactive fiction genre.

“We love story-based games and Choices has long been a leader in the genre. With our cutting-edge technology, we will be able to take Choices to the next level, with bigger books, new interactive features, and ever-improving story quality, all designed to serve the things the Choices community wants.”

In a statement, Pixelberry added: “It is an exciting new chapter for our studio and we look forward to empowering our creative teams through the Series Entertainment technology, which will allow us to bring to life a lot of our top fan requests, such as genre diversity, multiple love interests, main character customisation and more intricate story branches.”