ShadeScout Nails App Lets You Match Your Polish to Any Colour

shadescout nails
If youve ever wanted nail polish that perfectly matched your skirt, or your wallpaper, or a particular sunset, ShadeScout Nails is for you. The free iOS app enables you to sample almost any colour and be told what nail polish exactly matches it, even giving a range of options for popular shades.

The app also enables you to try on the suggested polishes by picking from a selection of nail lengths and shapes, as well as skin colour, and applying the colour to a model hand that matches your own.

The app is an expansion of FaceCake Marketing Technologys existing ShadeScout app, which finds lipstick, eyeshadow and other cosmetics in a similar way, enabling users to search through over 10,000 products from a wide selection of major and luxury cosmetic brands using a simple colour match technique.

So far, 25 different brands including Dolce&Gabbana, Julep and China Glaze have partnered with the ShadeScout Nails app, and FaceCake is hoping to expand its database with more as time goes on.

The app also enables users to browse through Featured Shades, providing consumers with trending nail polish colours based on fashion shoots, celebrity sightings and more, and allows users to buy their matching shades directly through the app, providing a seamless retail experience.