Shazam is giving brands the opportunity to take over its app with new ad product

Tyrone Stewart

Shazam Brand TakeoverMusic identification platform Shazam has introduced its newest in-app ad product, enabling brands to ‘takeover’ the app’s entire screen for a whole day.

The Shazam Brand Takeover enables brands to place ads at the bottom of the screen, in individual markets, and alter the app’s colour scheme to match that ad. This means ads from one brand throughout Shazam – on the home screen, listening screen and track result – for a full day.

“The Brand Takeover is another prime example of Shazam continuing to innovate in the ad-tech space, which is an extension of the Shazam products that have become globally ubiquitous,” said Greg Glenday, Shazam CRO. “Brands are now able to seamlessly strike a balance between user experience and advertising, and the results have been amazing.”

Takeovers are available to brands on both iOS and Android, with campaigns having already been executed by the likes of Apple, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, HBO, Deezer and Netflix in Australia, Austria, Italy, Romania, Russia, the UK and the US.