Shazam gets Integrated

Shazam Entertainment,  the mobile to web music solutions provider, has unveiled a suite of integrated services that it says will provide consumers with a broader and more inclusive experience of music discovery, purchase and interaction with others across mobile devices and the Internet.
The new product set combines five applications that facilitate music discovery, transactional capabilities and community tools. This includes the companys mobile music recognition service; one of the worlds largest music search engines; and an advanced music discovery mechanism called Music Explorer that links similarities based on the real mobile audio tagging activities of over 6 million users who have generated in excess of 50 million correlations.
This provides the platform for users to discover more new music than through other services, especially given Shazams strength of generating correlations between pre-release tracks and existing catalogues from a database of more than 3.6 million songs.
Music Discovery builds upon the patented technology developed by Shazam, which enables users to identify the name of an artist and track title by simply pointing their mobile phone at a speaker delivering a piece of music.
Shazams proposition champions mobile as the primary access point to a product suite that integrates mobile and web. Once users have identified a song, a unique profile page is generated which enables consumers to exploit the benefits of online browsing and purchasing from a variety of vendors such as iTunes or Amazon. Following on from this, users can identify other users with similar music tastes and directly interact.
The enhanced product-set provides integration capabilities and drives revenues from music discovery and transactions, delivering higher ARPU and increasing customer retention and loyalty through additional community enabling features.
Music Explorer delivers a unique association as it originates from mobile music recognition activity, which is typically paid for by consumers and represents a strong level of interest in the particular song or artist says Stuart Andrews, Shazam Entertainment Brand Marketing Director. Where most recommendations solutions originate from a fixed, uninspired access point, Music Explorer is powered, and has been continually enhanced, by the real-world activities of 6 million users. This enables a user to begin a journey without knowing the name of a particular track and doesnt limit their discovery experience by a requirement of prior knowledge or genre types.