Shazam Improves iPhone App

Mobile music discovery provider Shazam has enhanced its iPhone application to support second-generation iPod Touch devices and deliver improved functionality for a better music experience.  One of the enhancements is an improvement in the amount of artist information available. Now when a user tags a song, Shazam delivers artist discographies, biographies, track and album reviews. Users in North America can also view song lyrics.
In addition, as each users Shazam collection grows, they can take control and organise their tags by artist, title or date, making it easier to find the tagged song they want. Tags can also be personalised; when a user takes and adds a new photo, or attaches an existing one, they will see their shots seamlessly added to their iPhone photo album. Finally, Shazam now offers Store Pending tags. When a user does not have a data connection, they can still capture the music moment as the untagged track can be sent later when they are back in wi-fi or cellular coverage.
The existing Shazam application has been downloaded by more than 3 million users to date since its launch in July. iPhone users have tagged more than 50 million songs and over 6,000 reviews posted by Shazamers on the Apple App Store.
There has been a tremendous response to Shazams iPhone app and weve received really positive feedback from our user base, including suggestions on how we could make the Shazam experience even better, says Shazam CEO, Andrew Fisher. Weve turned this feedback into new features and powerful new ways to capture and share music moments and stories. We are delighted to offer an improved experience to the millions of users who are passionate about their music journey.