Shazam launches AR platform to bring marketing materials to life

Audio identification app Shazam has launched a scaled AR platform, in partnership with AR experiences developer Zappar, for its brand partners, artists and global users.

Shazam, which launched visual recognition technology in 2015, says the new platform ‘can bring any marketing materials to life’ – including products, packaging, advertising, and more – through scanning unique ‘Shazam Codes’.

“We knew we were on to something big when we released visual image recognition in 2015,” said Shazam CEO Rich Riley. “With the rapid rise of augmented reality, it is a natural evolution for Shazam.”

One of Shazam’s launch partners is premium spirit company Beam Suntory. The pair have created an experience involving the use of Shazam on Sauza or Hornitos Tequila. Furthermore, starting in April, users will be able to Shazam in-store creative to play an interactive AR memory game across the US.

Shazam Codes is available on all iOS (Shazam v10.5) and Android (Shazam v7.5) devices.

“One of the things missing from augmented reality for advertisers has been a frictionless way to deliver these experiences at scale,” said Shazam CRO Greg Glenday. “The possibilities for a brand to bring their products to life or make their advertising more engaging are quite literally only limited by the imagination.”