Shazam Launches on Windows Phone 7

Mobile music discovery provider Shazam has revealed that its app will be available on phones supporting Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system, which launched yesterday in some European markets. Windows Phone 7 device users will be able to download a free version of Shazam from the Windows Phone Marketplace with unlimited tagging as part of the launch offer. Users will also be able to purchase tagged tracks direct from the Zune Marketplace. Shazam has been available to Windows Mobile users, who are among the now 75m total Shazam users around the world, since 2009. 

“We’re pleased to be part of this important new launch by Microsoft which extends Shazam’s reach across operating systems and handsets even further,” says Alex Musil, vice president of product marketing for Shazam. “Shazam on the Windows Phone 7 platform is re-imagined for the innovative interface design and allows users to easily add to their music library using Zune. We expect the number of Shazamers to grow exponentially as new handsets built on Windows Phone OS 7.0 hit the global market.”