Shazam Makes TV Ads Interactive with SARA

Mobile discovery firm Shazam has launched the Shazam Audio Recognition Advertising (SARA) program, which allows brands and broadcasters to extend the reach and depth of their campaigns to mobile. The program enables interactivity with broadcast and with advertising by providing deeper consumer engagement using a mobile device. The program has already been used by clothing brand Dockers for its global Wear the Pants campaign at the Super Bowl earlier this month.
Our partnership with Dockers has already shown how our technology takes consumers on an extended brand journey, allowing them to explore, discover and interact with all elements of a campaign, says Shazam CEO, Andrew Fisher. With the launch of the SARA program, we are enabling brands and broadcasters to achieve consumer engagement beyond traditional television whereby the promotion can be captured on a mobile with exclusive content and offers. For consumers this means the promotion can reside on their mobile and live on, such as two for one pizza offers promoted via television and radio advertising, or unique media packages from a broadcaster that consumers can watch while on the move. Most importantly, more than 50 million Shazamers have this capability already and we are expanding the value of what we bring to this community beyond music.
Shazam has also announced a deal with mobile marketing company Augme Mobile to take the SARA program to the N. American market. 
The SARA program lets brand advertisers directly reach, influence and interact with target audiences using Shazams music recognition technology to tag a commercial. Advertisers can create campaigns that incentivise viewers to engage with the promotion and Shazam the spot, meaning viewers access the Shazam service on their respective mobile devices, point the device in the direction of the commercial and hit the “Shazam ” button. Shazam's audio technology recognizes the specific advert and returns a customized result.
Broadcasters can use SARA for special promotions and hidden content – such as exclusive videos and interviews – by providing a clickthrough to a branded mobile web experience where viewers can interact directly with branded content. The tagged item remains in the viewers tag list so they can revisit it and share it with friends.
This form of advertising is 100% opt-in and is wholly controlled by consumers who can choose to interact with only those adverts or programmes that are relevant and of value to them.
The SARA program also provides brands with a unique opportunity to assess the effectiveness of a campaign. By capturing the details of user clickthroughs brands will be able to tailor future campaigns around content that is highly targeted and relevant to consumers.