Shazam Names Top 20 Tagged TV Ads

Shazam has released a Top 20 list of the most tagged Shazam-enabled TV adverts – and taking the top spot, beating out ads which ran during the Super Bowl and the X-Factor final, is French telco SFR, with its second Shazam-enabled TV campaign, featuring French comedian Gad Elmaleh, which aired in November 2012.

While Shazam wasnt willing to share exact engagement figures, each of the top 20 ads has apparently attracted hundreds of thousands of tags.

Absoluts Greyhound spot is the second most commonly tagged, followed by Red Bulls World of Red Bull: Launchpad ad in third place.

Also appearing in the top 10 were ads for the HTC One X, Renault Twizy, Trident Gum, Internet Explorer 9, and Men in Black 3, showing the wide range of products advertised using the service. 

The Shazam for TV service was first launched in the US back in February 2010, and debuted as part of the Old Navy campaign. It launched in the UK in May last year, and is available across Western Europe, as well as Turkey, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Shazam also shared some tips on how to best integrate Shazam for TV functionality into ads, including making sure that the Shazam call-to-action appears on screen early in the ad, and stays there for at least 10 seconds, and that its easy to understand how and why viewers should interact. Shazam also advises making the most of the content users access after tagging the ad – with rich video content or special offers – and making sure the entire experience is mobile-friendly, from initial content all the way to actions like buying the product at the brands website.

All of which is fairly common sense – but it also shows that the ads in this list havent necessarily all followed best practice principles.