Shazam: “Our Attention Spans Are Shrinking”

When he took to the stage at Mobile Marketing Live today, Shazam VP of advertising sales Miles Lewis hit the audience with two big stats: the average Android users checks their mobile 150 times a day, and digital native users (those born post-1990) switch between devices up to 27 times an hour. Impressive, no doubt – but is this necessarily good news for marketers? “Our attention spans are definitely shrinking, and thats a big problem for us in this industry,” said Lewis. 

Naturally, he believes Shazam is the answer. For advertisers, Shazam for TV gives them the option to extend the space afforded them by a 30-second spot. Lewis gave the example of a VO how-to hair TV ad, which saw 200,000 interaction through the Shazam ad in order to view the full five-minute tutorial on YouTube.

Despite Lewis belief that the digital native youth are currently driving change, Shazam has a surprising number of older users – 11 per cent are over 55, and 22 per cent are over 45. Its also interesting to note that users willingness to engage in second-screening behaviour varies throughout the day, with TV during primetime vastly outperforming the morning.