Shazam Partners with Mindshare to Launch Audio+

Shazam logoShazam is partnering with Mindshare to ensure all of the music assets of the brands it works with are optimised for second screeners.

With Audio+, ad campaigns that stretch from TV to radio, online video and even OOH can now be tracked by the company. Shazam will audit each brands audio ROI and engagement metrics, while also working on a campaign strategy.

We spoke to Miles Lewis, VP of European sales, about how Shazam is finally able to ‘deliver some numbers’ on the impact of audio in ads. He said this is a really exciting time, having spent the last two years trying to persuade brands to work with them. “Were now being involved earlier on in discussions, as a partner rather than a supplier,” he said.

“Its beyond doubt that people have mobile phones and tablets out in front of them while watching TV. You can see the rise in tweets during breaks and we can now give brands the opportunity to take some of that mind share back.”

Despite deals like this, however, some brands are still missing out. Although he couldn’t name the campaign, Lewis said that there is currently a song running on an advert that has been Shazammed 300,000 times – but the brand hadn’t linked up with Shazam. If a brand isnt willing to participate, Lewis said, he could see the opportunity for bidding in a real-time environment on competitors audio inventory.