Shazam Pumps Up Engagement With Splunk

ShazamShazam has partnered with operational intelligence platform Splunk in an effort to drive up user engagement and grow advertising revenues, as well as using Splunk Enterprise to gain key insights into its sales force and ad partners.

Employees throughout the company, including product managers and engineers use the Splunk Enterprise software to enhance app performance and increase user engagement, taking advantage of the analytics Splunk delivers to better understand campaign effectiveness.

“At Shazam, we move quickly as an organisation to constantly improve our apps and users experience, and we count on Splunk Enterprise to help us understand the impact of new features on that experience,” said Charles Henrich, executive vice president of engineering at Shazam. “With Splunk software, we can now analyse all of our mobile app data without the batch processing and other time-intensive steps required with traditional business intelligence solutions, so we can now provide insights to the people who need them, in real time.”

The Splunk platform enables Shazam to access statistics including counts of product information requests, geographic tag locations, device type, operating system, broad user trends and real-time purchasing patterns.

“Shazam is using Splunk Enterprise to help make informed decisions from big data in real time, to ensure its app remains one of the most popular in the world,” said Matt Davies, senior director of EMEA marketing at Splunk. “Splunk helps Shazam stay agile – running ad hoc reports, changing metrics and adding new dashboards quickly and easily. Shazams user base is growing at an incredible rate and we are pleased that Splunk Enterprise is helping find new and innovative ways to delight Shazams users.”