SHAZAM (RED) Gets a New Year Makeover

Mobile music discovery provider Shazam has added new features to the (SHAZAM)RED version of its app for the iPhone and iPod touch. 

The updated (SHAZAM)RED app offers a new design, faster tagging, in-app videos, Tag Charts from 20 countries and a new shortcut menu to preview, buy and share music. In addition, the (SHAZAM)RED Special Edition app contributes to the global fund to finance HIV/AIDS programs in Africa. The app costs $5.99/€4.10/£3.49 and 20 per cent of revenues go towards helping to fight AIDS in Africa.

The app includes a ‘Discover’ tab that provides access to Shazam Tag Charts, detailing the most popular new music from around the world.  Users can personalize which Tag Charts they want delivered. It also offers improved artist information and shortcut icons to listen, buy and share music discovered.   Plus a multitasking feature for iOS4 users that allows them to leave the app, for example to take a call or buy music, and return right to where they left off.