Shazam Strikes Global LG Preload Deal

Mobile music discovery provider Shazam’s Android app is being pre-loaded onto LG handsets in a worldwide rollout which has commenced in Europe with the LG Optimus GT540.
The move means that LG smartphone customers will be able to access the Shazam’s app out of the box to identify the song that’s playing, with the option to buy the track; read track and album reviews, artist biographies and discographies, and view song lyrics; and get local and international tour dates for tagged artists and links to buy tickets to concerts.
“Our aim has always been to deliver a fast, accurate and reliable service to consumers to further enhance the capabilities of their devices,” says Shazam CEO,
Andrew Fisher. “Shazam will bring the most complete music discovery experience to millions more LG smartphone users around the world. We are excited to be working with LG and proud of their vote of confidence in Shazam.’
The free, pre-loaded Shazam Android app on LG also comes with a seven day free trial of features from the premium Shazam Encore version, including unlimited tagging. Once the initial seven-day period is up, users can pay a one-time fee of £2.99 ($4.70 or €3.63) for Shazam Encore, or continue to tag up to five songs per month with their free Shazam App. 
Further markets and handsets will launch in the coming months.