Shazam Updates Android App

Mobile discovery company Shazam has unveiled a “major” update to the Android version of the Shazam app. The updated app includes the in-app advertising campaign service, “Shazam Listening Screen Sponsorship.” This allows advertisers and marketing partners to own the Shazam listening screen while a song is being identified by Shazam users. Additionally, the Android update includes the ability to present ad creative based on a device’s screen resolution to optimize the user experience.

The updated app also offers a music preview feature that allows users to listen to a 30-second clip of a song they’ve tagged. Music preview works when users browse through their tag history, their friends’ tags in Shazam Friends, or tags featured in Shazam’s Tag Chart and Recommendations.

The tag results page has also been improved, with larger cover art, a cleaner look, and the addition of a location feature, showing Shazamers where they were when they ‘Shazamed’ a track. When looking through their tag history, the location information shows up at the bottom of the tag result, reminding them where they were or what they were doing when they heard that tune.

The app is available in 45 countries and will work for all phones running on the Android platform. Music previews will be available in the UK, US, Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland. There is no charge for the Free App, while Encore with unlimited tagging and extra features is available for $4.99/€3.99/£2.99 from Android Market or Amazon app store.