Shazam for Windows Mobile

David Murphy

Mobile music recognition specialist Shazam Entertainment has launched TagIt!, the first in-device music recognition solution for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0-powered smartphones. The application enables users to tag a music track and identify it using Shazams powerful signature extraction technology. Running on the Windows Mobile 5.0 platform, the application is an innovative client version of Shazam's TagIt! software, which the company says significantly improves recognition speed and accuracy, delivering opportunities for operator up-sell, based on the music tagged.

TagIt! uses the Windows Mobile 5.0 platform to calculate the complex
Shazam fingerprint on the device, from the full quality audio. This
dramatically improves the ability to handle high background noise and
thereby increases recognition rates, compared to sending compressed
audio over the air. The reduction in the amount of information sent to
Shazams server also increases the speed, of identification. 

In addition to the music recognition functionality, TagIt! Also provides
an extensible framework, offering users the chance to purchase
follow-on products, including ringtones, wallpapers, concert tickets
and full track downloads, at the point of inspiration. This increases
the transactional power of the service and delivers additional revenue
streams by broadening the mobile content on offer.

Information on the tracks tagged by the user and related products can
be catalogued and stored on a personalised area on the Shazam music
portal, bringing together the mobile and online domains. The in-device
functionality also means that users have the flexibility to tag a song
immediately, or to store tags for identification later, handy if the
user is out of network coverage. 

This is a significant development for Shazam fingerprinting
in-device is clearly the next stage in the evolution of our pioneering
technology, and for Microsoft to recognise our potential as a force in
mobile music recognition is a huge accolade says Shazam CEO, Andrew
Fisher. We have the expertise within the company to bring a faster,
more accurate and more rewarding service to the mobile user and this is
only the initial step into in-device music recognition solutions.

The TagIt! service is written in .Net, and can be white labelled and
integrated into any network and carrier environment worldwide, allowing
international access to Shazams database of over three million tracks.
Shazam already powers music recognition services in 19 countries
worldwide across 51 mobile carriers.

Since the companys UK launch in August 2002, more than 5 million people have used the Shazam service to
date. The has established a global footprint and has achieved
multiple deals with mobile operators and media companies in over twenty
countries throughout the US, Europe and Asia.