Shopify Launches Flash Sales App

Frenzy appWith Black Friday rapidly approaching, Canadian eCommerce firm Shopify has launched an iOS app, Frenzy, focused on flash sales.

Created by Shopifys experimental product group, Garage, Frenzy works with partner retailers and brands to provide the customer with exclusive limited-releases. It offers easy and fast access to the sales through Apple Pay integration – meaning no account creation or login is required to make a purchase.

The opening week will see fashion retailers and brands including KITH, Love Your Melon, Raised by Wolves, Off the Hook, selling discounted products exclusively through the app.

The app is built on Shopify’s platform, and promises it can handle thousands of order per minute, meaning no limit to your sales volume, the number of products you can sell, or the bandwidth you need.

However, The app has not been very well-received so far by customers. On the App Store, the iOS app only has a one-and-a-half-star rating, from a total of 84 ratings.