Shopitize Launches Retail Reconnaissance

Shopitize-logoShopper reward app, Shopitize, has launched Retail Reconnaissance, a consumer insight tool which draws data from 40,000 real shopping baskets across the big five UK supermarkets. Shopitize analyses real receipts uploaded to its database by shoppers as proof of purchase of goods in order to claim their rewards.

Shopitize says the intelligence generated from a Retail Reconnaissance report will be particularly beneficial to brands seeking to conduct new product development or test consumer response by controlling factors such as location, gender or time of purchase. This will enable brands to establish patterns in shopping behaviour to understand how best to apportion, for example, marketing spend or stock levels.

The company says the reports will show brands what real shoppers think of their brand and products; how best to affect shopper behaviour towards their brands products; how best to target specific shopper segments and demographics; and how best to utilise mobile, digital and social channels.

“Our platform analyses real receipt uploads from shoppers, meaning we can offer real-time insight into real shopper behaviour in the real world,” says Shopitize commercial director, Graham Halling. “We can see what they are buying, when and alongside which other products. We can gain qualitative insight with in-app questionnaires to understand motivation behind buying certain products. Our sophisticated receipt recognition technology also enables us to know the type of products bought at each of the big supermarkets. No other consumer intelligence agency can boast this level of analytical detail across all major supermarkets in the UK.”