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Shortcut Media Launches AI-powered App Growth Engine

Tim Maytom

Herbert Bay, CEO and co-founder of Shortcut Media

Herbert Bay, CEO and co-founder of Shortcut Media

Startup Shortcut Media has emerged from stealth to announce the availability of its AI-powered app growth engine that it claims will transform mobile app marketing through the use of proprietary AI algorithms and behavioural data that will help developers and marketers identify potential customers, drive engagement, user retention and virality, both organically and through paid marketing.

Shortcut claims its platform takes a holistic approach to app marketing to help developers and marketers transform their app growth, using deep links, app banners, individually customised newsletters and beacon technology to increase app engagement and retention.

The solution also supposedly delivers referrals and mobile SDKs that make sharing app content easier for users to drive organic and viral growth, while also offering paid app marketing capabilities to bring in first-time users and help apps achieve scale.

Shortcut has been operating in stealth for the past year, and already has customers including Vivino, Spent, Cardu and ZenFriend, which it has helped achieve increases in signups of more than double the industry average, while also doubling engagement and retention.

"We are moving into a new and exciting era for mobile app marketing, where data-driven and AI-powered solutions will replace the traditional app marketing workflow that businesses have typically relied on," said Herbert Bay, co-founder and CEO of Shortcut Media. "Today, app developers and marketers need to invest in solutions that make intelligent data central to driving their businesses forward.

"We aren't simply giving our customers a tool for incremental results; we are measurably growing their businesses that will drive growth and, ultimately, their bottom line. App developers and marketers who allow intelligent data to influence their strategic direction will come out ahead of the competition. Shortcut enables this competitive advantage."