ShoZu in Photoshop Move

ShoZu has announced that Adobe members can use its mobile social media service to quickly and easily upload photos from more than 350 different handsets to accounts. ShoZus service allows users to take advantage of support for additional handsets, that include Apple  iPhone and iPod touch, Motorola RAZR2, Nokia 5310 and 6301, and BlackBerry Pearl, among others. offers a combination of photo storage and backup, online photo editing, interactive photo galleries, creative inspiration, and value-added tutorials for Adobe software users. With the ShoZu application downloaded to the handset free of charge, users can transfer full-resolution photos with accompanying titles and descriptions from the phone to their account with a few clicks. Theres no need to open a mobile browser; interrupt phone calls, text messaging or camera use while images are transferring; or to start again from the beginning in the event of a dropped connection.
In addition, ShoZu users can simultaneously upload any given image to any number of web destinations, including, Facebook, Google, Blogger and WordPress, and to multiple email addresses, without leaving the ShoZu application. ShoZu notes that this not only eliminates the need for multiple uploads, but also eliminates multiple data charges from the wireless provider where applicable.
The big challenge of taking photos with your mobile phone is transferring them to the web, says ShoZu CEO, Mark Bole. We have simplified the process for more than 50 destinations, and is an important addition.