Shuttersong Brings Selfie and Song Sharing App to Marketers

ShuttersoundMedia sharing startup Shuttersong has secured £300,000 investment, from former Accenture partner Gil Anderson, which it says it will use to build on the opportunities its platform offers for brands and digital marketing agencies.

The Shuttersong app enables users to send images paired with a 15-second sound clip, recorded directly or taken from a song in their devices music library.

Its not hard to imagine how the idea could be applied to marketing, either as a push – a record label sending out a clip of an artists latest song along with cover artwork – or pull mechanism – asking consumers to contribute user-generated content as part of a competition or social campaigns. However, for it to become an effective tool for brands, Shuttersong will have to significantly expand its current userbase of 30,000.

“The compelling thing about Shuttersong is that it gives you all the benefit of video with all the convenience of photography,” said the company’s chief executive and co-founder William Agush. “Every mobile user already knows how to take a picture and every company already has a photographic library, so the consumer and commercial possibilities really are huge.

“This investment is an important step forward for Shuttersong, as we continue to build out the app’s capabilities and evolve our commercial partnerships. We’re really excited about how brands are beginning to engage with our technology to enhance their content offerings and bolster eCommerce.”

The company says it is currently in talks with companies including a major record label, greeting card business and online fashion retailer.