Shutterstock launches 100% Shutterstock campaign across cable, connected TV and social

Shutterstock has launched a campaign created solely with Shutterstock content, that will run on 19 cable networks in the US, across connected TV platforms including Hulu, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV, along with a variety of digital, social platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

The 100% Shutterstock campaign was planned and executed in partnership with Horizon Media and runs until 12 December. It showcases Shutterstock’s ability to fuel and unleash creative potential from inspiration to the finished product. The TV commercial, co-produced by Shutterstock Studios and the Ridley Scott Creative Groups RSA Films, asks creatives, “What can you create with 100% Shutterstock?” 

“There is no better way to tell your clients what you can do, than by showing them. Our new commercial demonstrates the limitless creative possibilities you can achieve with 100% Shutterstock,” said Rion Swartz, VP of Brand Marketing at Shutterstock. “Shutterstock is redefining what creativity means and how content creation happens. 100% Shutterstock is an important moment for the brand as we prove ourselves to be a cutting-edge creative partner for individuals and businesses of all sizes. We aim to expand the perception of what creators can do with our amazing catalog of assets, and highlight our services that can turn your ideas into achievements. Our commercial is about celebrating all the resources available on one platform – from Editorial and custom content through our Studios offering, to video, music, and 3D rendering, that are, of course, 100% Shutterstock.”