Siano Launches Low-cost Mobile TV Chip

Siano Mobile Silicon, which makes Mobile TV chips, has announced the launch of a new, low-cost, multi-standard Mobile TV receiver chip, the SMS1140 – and the opening of new offices in Shenzhen in China.
Siano says the chip offers a substantial price reduction compared with all existing market solutions, and supports the major global Mobile TV broadcasting standards, including DVB-T, ISDB-T and T-DMB. According to Siano, the chip enables consumer electronics manufacturers to upgrade every portable device that has a colour screen with a  high performance Mobile TV feature, at a minor impact on the overall bill of materials.
Siano adds that the SMS1140 opens up new market opportunities within the consumer electronics industry, particularly given the rising demand for Mobile TV convergence amongst PC makers, navigational device manufacturers and other entertainment device suppliers. By establishing a local presence in Shenzhen, Siano can directly market the SMS1140 from the heart of the world's consumer electronics capital.
So far, the reality in portable TV has been such that device makers either had to compromise on cost and get a quality receiver chip, or compromise on quality and pay less, says Siano CEO, Alon Ironi. The SMS1140 combines both state-of-the-art reception quality of the three most popular DTV technologies worldwide, at a groundbreaking price, opening up new commercial opportunities for Mobile TV within the consumer electronics industry.