Siano Powers In-car TV for Peugeot 207

GPS navigation company AvMap has selected Mobile TV chip maker Siano Mobile to provide Mobile TV functionality for its Geosat 6 device. The first customer for the Mobile TV-enabled Geosat 6 is the Peugeot 207 Energie Sport car model. 
Based on Sianos Mobile TV receiver and antenna chips, the Geosat offers in-car Mobile TV entertainment, with reception extending to rural areas, even while travelling at high speeds, eliminating the need for external antennae. Geosat 6 Phone also offers advanced GPS navigation, a tri-band GSM phone, alcohol test and multimedia player functions. The device will also feature digital maps and content from Tele Atlas.
Customers such as Peugeot demand high quality Mobile TV reception that will receive the latest in television entertainment even when travelling at high speeds, says AVMap CEO, Simone Lazzarini. In seeking a Mobile TV chip partner for the Geosat, we chose the highest performing Mobile TV solution on the market, Siano, and are very happy with the results.