Signal Guide Offers Mobile Tips for Fast Food Retailers

US-based interactive campaign consultancy Signal  has produced a quick-service restaurant (QSR) Guest Engagement Info Pack, designed to highlight the commercial advantages of implementing effective and relevant mobile-focused marketing strategies to the KFCs and Pizza Huts of this world, writes Martin Conway.

The guide contains a case study examining the impact of mobile marketing on one top-50 QSR brand’s business; an example mobile playbook for QSR brands; and a whitepaper detailing ways in which such brands can integrate mobile with other marketing channels. The latter aspect, Signal hopes, should provide fast food retailers with a more complex overview of their customers’ preferences than can be gleaned from a mere list of mobile numbers, enabling these retailers to tailor various promotions and deals to target specific users. For example, this guide might prove useful for QSR brands specialising in halal or kosher foods, or for those attracting a predominant social or age group in particular franchise outlets.

Jeff Judge, Signal co-founder and CEO, says: “Our experience of helping leading QSR brands to deploy mobile and cross-channel marketing has created a valuable knowledge base from which others can profit. Our QSR Guest Engagement Info Pack encapsulates this information into an easily digested form to help QSR marketers take advantage of the significant opportunities that result from connecting with on-the-go patrons.”

The pack can be downloaded directly from Signal’s website.