Signbox Launches Smart Stickers

Signbox, which recently launched an NFC-based Smart Poster system, has launched its Smart Stickers solution. The stickers are around the size of a beer mat, and also incorporate an NFC chip. Once the chip has been pre-programmed, anyone with an NFC-enabled smartphone can retrieve information from the Smart Sticker with a fast, close-proximity swipe of the sticker.

Manufactured from a durable polyester film on to which Signbox can print any message, graphic or image, the Smart Stickers will adhere to the reverse of a glass or acrylic panel and can be read through 8mm thick glazing.

“When a smartphone becomes a portable NFC reader, the possibilities are endless and very exciting,” says Signbox managing director, Mark Bartlett. “With NFC-enabled smartphones, retrieving information will become second nature, and we firmly believe that Smart Stickers, together with our Enlighten Smart Poster range, will be at the forefront of proximity marketing developments.

“Smart Stickers will present unrivalled opportunities for a wide range of industries including property, leisure and transport. As a phone can read an NFC tag through glass or acrylic, any business can stay ‘open’ 24-7, allowing consumers to tap their mobile phone to download an entire bus timetable, restaurant menu or a voucher relating to a shop window display, or call a cab, retrieve details of a property and so on – any time of the day or night.”