Silverstreet Revamps Mobile Communicator Platform

Silverstreet has releases its enhanced Mobile Communicator platform that enables real-time management of SMS and Number Lookup campaigns.

Mobile Communicator enables the easy distribution of messages to a list of pre-selected recipients. Users can develop and personalize the content of each message with the use of Silverstreet’s customized tagging system, and also develop standard message templates for quick, regular use. For example a local retail store could send an SMS to a customer who recently ordered a product: “Hi John, your order 3456 is ready for collection at our head office. Please visit our website for directions or to request delivery.”

The Mobile Communicator Number Lookup service helps users identify inactive numbers, and manage Mobile Number Portability (MNP). The company says the benefits include a reduction in costs and fraud, and a more accurate and up to date database for messaging and routing needs.

“Silverstreet’s increasing volumes and customer base required a revamp of our existing service offerings,” said Silverstreet Group president and CEO, Simon Landsheer. “We wanted to provide our customers in all sectors with an easy-to-use, scalable design, with improved stability and capacity.”