SIM Card Shipments Rise by 29%

SIMalliance, the global association of SIM card manufacturers, has unveiled annualised sales figures for the SIM industry for Y2008. Global SIM card shipments have exceeded 2.9 billion units, a 29% increase over the previous year, with strong demand from the emerging markets of India, China, Asia Pacific and Latin America.
SIMalliance notes that the power of the SIM grew in 2008, with memory size increasing by 11% on 2007 figures on average, while the number of cards shipped with a S@T grew by 22%. 3G-enabled SIM cards represented 14 per cent of total shipments in 2008.
SIMalliance says it has been working with the mobile value chain throughout 2008 to maximise current investments in SIM card technologies. Meanwhile, its working groups, including S@T, MarkUp Language, Interoperability, Mobile NFC, Smart Card Web Server and OTA & Handset Asia, have helped facilitate a unified approach and speeded the development and adoption of advanced SIM technology for next generation mobile environments, architectures and services.
These developments, and the annualised figures, are being showcased at SIMposium in Vienna, which opened yesterday and ends today. SIMposiumLive 2009 features an online interactive seminar programme and exhibition hall. There are more details here.