Simplexo Launches Cloud Search System

Search technology company Simplexo has launched a service that allows users to search all their information, including files stored on a computer, a mobile device or a cloud computing service. 

The service, called SearchYourCloud, is based on the same architecture as the companys SearchYourDesktop service, but offers the ability to search remote files. The service securely indexes your files, wherever they are stored, and allows for full text search of them. However, it stores no file contents, which the company says makes it safe to use on cloud services. 

Simon Bain, CTO of Simplexo, says: “The SearchYourCloud technology gives users the ability to search and retrieve content that is not available to traditional search engines, for example documents from your desktop computer or photos from your handheld device. This, combined with our unique level of security, allows people to access information that before may have been unavailable to them while travelling or working remotely.”

The service also allows read-only access to emails from Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Exchange and other types of POP3 accounts. 

Information is readily accessible through the SearchYourCloud HTML 5 web-based client application, which is optimised for use on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, as well as Android smartphones and tablets. 

Bain says: “Our security model for secure remote access avoids the need to establish a direct network connection between a mobile and host computer/ network. This avoids the need for extensive firewalls or network layer security as no persistent connections are used. It also addresses concerns associated with mobile device theft as no data or security credentials are cached on the device, meaning sensitive, corporate data is not put at risk.”