Simplexo Launches Federated Search App for Android

Federated search company Simplexo has launched Simplexo Locate for Android, which enables users to simultaneously search a wide range of information sources from their Android phone in a safe and secure way. The launch follows the recent launch of a similar solution for BlackBerry phones.

The app enables users search all their information, including media files held on removable memory cards, with a single click. One search offers results from local files, text messages, emails, social networking sites, Exchange server, SharePoint and a more. One search term can retrieve emails to or  from someone, with a specific word or phrase in, or music files with a certain word in the title. The app is currently in beta, and is available from Android Market for download and testing on Dell Streak and Samsung Galaxy Tab devices.

“Android users now have a real search app to enable them to find and access all their information, both on and off the device,” says Simplexo CTO of Simplexo, Simon Bain. “Furthermore, Simplexo Locate will not compromise corporate security policies. Simplexo Locate is the only mobile search application available today that does not rely on a web interface. They are dedicated applications, which means that once the search is complete, information is scrubbed from the memory of the device, so there is no chance of data theft if that device is lost or stolen.”