Sing for Your Votes, Gordon

New Prime Minister Gordon Brown is being encouraged to follow Barack Obamas lead by recording personalised mobile ringtones to win-over politically apathetic 18-24 year olds.
Last week, the Boston Herald reported that US presidential candidate Obama is using campaign ringtones in an attempt to reach the American youth. ReVoice Singtones, a UK-based personalised ringtone service, has offered Gordon Brown a similar opportunity to engage hard-to-reach British youngsters.
As Brown jostles with David Cameron for opinion poll supremacy, the UKs youth could prove a decisive battleground, which Cameron, 15 years Browns junior, is well-positioned to claim.
Singtones let people record their favourite tracks, which are then fixed so that even the worst voices sound good. The final version, complete with backing track, is then sent as an MP3 file to mobile phones to use as a unique personalised ringtone and caller ID.
Brown isnt noted for his singing voice, says Singtone, adding that its unique technology will ensure he sounds in tune and in time, without losing that distinctive Scottish timbre.
“Weve had a lot of fun speculating which song Mr Brown will go for says Singtone MD Jeff Bloom. “Hes waited a long time for the keys to Number 10, so Take Thats Patience would be a good option. Alternatively, Walking on Sunshine might better reflect the optimism of his first days in office.”