Siri is Big Draw for iPhone 4S

Apples voice recognition software Siri was the big draw for consumers lining up to buy an iPhone 4S, according to a survey of people who queued up to get one. 

The study, carried out by mobile research app Loopt, found that 45 per cent of those questioned were most looking forward to using Siri, while the 8mp camera was the second most popular feature with 22 per cent. Only 3 per cent stated iCloud when asked what the coolest thing about the iPhone 4S was.

The survey also found that 72 per cent of the iPhone users in the queue were upgrading from an iPhone 4, and 18 per cent from a 3GS.

When queuers were asked where they were supposed to be, 43 per cent said they were skiving off work, while 28 per cent said they were meant to be at home and 28 per cent said they didnt have any commitments other than buying an iPhone 4S. 

The survey used Loopts location-based questioning – so questions were only posed to people the app identified as being lined up outside an Apple Store.