Sirqul Launches Off the Shelf Mobile Engagement Tools

You’ve heard of Software as a Service, now welcome Engagement as a Service, courtesy of former Amazon Web Services architect Rob Frederick and his new company Sirqul

Sirqul has created 44 off the shelf app engagement modules to make it easier for brands and agencies to deploy things like virtual currencies, badges, leaderboards and missions. They have also made 14 brandable starter kit themes so app devs can quickly create gamified branded mobile experiences using scavenger hunts, trivia, word games and more. Sirqul has SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows Phone but says they are all built to work cross-platform.

They have been working in beta with 60 different customers and Sirqul CEO Jim Harkins says they have already seen some pretty impressive results. Average session length grew 247 per cent on a game called Doodle Drops after adding Sirquls crowd-sourced level creation module, where players can make their own game stages. “Not only does our game level creation module allow for infinite levels through crowd-sourcing but it also presents infinite number of monetisation points for the developer using our ad serving and RTB modules,” Harkins said. “Now user created levels, characters and puzzles can be branded for advertisers that go beyond simple banners.”