Sitecore Launches Marketing App Store

Sitecore has announced an online marketplace of on-demand applications for web CMS and digital marketing initiatives. The announcement was made at Microsofts Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles.

The Sitecore App Centre delivers pre-integrated applications and cloud services that cover email marketing, social media monitoring, Windows Azure hosting, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), translation and web compliance.

“With the Sitecore App Centre we are changing the perception of how applications are used – by dramatically reducing the time and costs associated with building a customised campaign or programme,” says Darren Guarnaccia, senior vice president of product marketing at Sitecore. 

Sitecore says that, using the App Centre, marketers can enable applications with a push of a button to strengthen campaigns and dramatically reduce development and deployment time for adding applications. For example, within minutes, the email campaign manager application is available from the App Centre portal. This makes it possible to map customers in a CRM system to the actual customers opening emails and visiting the website or accessing the web via mobile phones. This gives marketers quantitative, actionable analysis of campaigns by tracking all related website conversions. In addition, web visits taking place weeks or months after each email campaign can be tracked and associated with campaigns.

“In a real-time environment organisations do not have the luxury of waiting months to research and purchase applications,” says Guarnaccia. “The App Centre offers more control over their programs for deeper customer engagement and increased ROI.”

The system allows marketers to buy apps, such as an email campaign manager, on an annual or monthly basis, and deploy them straight away. gives marketers quantitative, actionable analysis of campaigns with no development time, says Sitecore.