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Sito Mobile and Unacast Partner for Beacon Targeting

Tim Maytom

Mobile engagement platform Sito Mobile has partnered with Unacast, the world's largest network of beacon and proximity data, to provide enhanced attribution and targeting capabilities for its customers.

The partnership will combine Sito's mobile data  with Unacast's deterministic proximity data, enriching Sito's data assets and providing differentiated insights into how consumers behave in retail locations and venues.

Sito Mobile's marketing platform provides access to more than 98 per cent of US mobile consumers via over 200,000 of the most popular apps. It uses machine-learning algorithms to analyse 4.5 trillion data points a month, continuously improving its data intelligence and providing consumer insights for location-based audience targeting, real-time optimisation and attribution.

Its partnership with Unacast gives it access to 66 of the largest proximity solution providers, covering 40 per cent of the world's commercial beacons, and totalling approximately 2m connected devices.

"We enthusiastically embrace Unacast's addition to Sito's network of data and product partners," said Jerry Hug, CEO of Sito Mobile. "Our extensive location-based mobile platform is a natural fit with Unacast's aggregated network of proximity-based data partners.

"The ability to add insights like dwell-time, 3D data to decipher what floor of a mall a consumer may be on, and even data at the aisle, allows us to create more powerful tools and techniques that yield better audience insights and results for our clients."

"Unacast has cracked the code on how to effectively mirror the accuracy of online data collection in the real world," said Chris Cunningham, chief revenue officer at Unacast. "Deterministic proximity data provides not only a pervasive connection with the consumer, but also the conditions for a much deeper and more personal relationship with them. Overnight, that data becomes available to our partners and we are thrilled to bring this data to marketing in partnership with Sito Mobile."