Six3s Video-led mCommerce Marketplace

Osheas 2Six3 has launched an mCommerce marketplace where retailers can create microcontent videos to help them shift their wares.

The site has gone live with O’Shea’s butchers, who have created a short video giving buyers a bit more insight into the origin of the turkey on sale and how to cook it. The OSheas video, filmed on mobile, isnt terribly polished but its a good start to a nice idea.

For sellers, Six3 provides a suite of tools to help them quickly create more interesting mCommerce experiences. For users, the site overall has minimal text and menu commands, meaning its nice to look at and navigate on mobile. The use of video obviously requires good wifi or data use and ours wasn’t really up to the job, always a consideration when embarking on a video-led project.

The four-step payment process is a bit fiddly for smartphone shoppers but Six3 handles the processing – powered by digital payments firm Stripe – and product delivery using City Sprint. London-based shoppers can make use of same-day delivery if they require.

Six3 is a graduate startup from the Wayra Academy.