Size Doesnt Matter, says Jumptap

While Tablets tend to have higher CTR (Click Through Rates) than smartphones, screen size isn’t always a predictor, according to Jumptaps MobileSTAT report for May. Data from over 107m visitors to the Jumptap network showed that the Kindle, measuring 7” in length, had a CTR of 1.02 per cent, beating out the slightly larger 9.7” iPad, with a CTR of 0.9 per cent.
And three of Samsungs most popular smartphones – the Galaxy Tab (0.53 per cent), Note (0.58 per cent), and Galaxy S (0.53 per cent) – all showed comparable CTRs, in spite of their very different screen sizes, ranging from 3.5” to 10.1”.

“What makes the mobile market thrive are the various features, functionalities, and form factors of each device,” says Jumptap CMO Paran Johar. “In order to capitalise on that notion and increase campaign CTR, advertisers should build creative that reflects the unique aspects of each device.”

Other findings include that ownership of, and purchasing on, Tablet devices among those aged 25-34. Consumer interest in fast food ads, meanwhile, peaks on the weekends. Mobile ad campaigns in the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) industry see a 9.9 per cent higher CTR than average on Saturdays, and 5.9 per cent higher than average on Sundays. By contrast, Tuesday is the slowest day, 5.7 per cent lower than the average.