Sizmek and Sublime partner for advanced targeting and expanded inventory

Independent demand-side platform Sizmek and high-impact ad marketplace Sublime (formerly Sublime Skinz) have announced a platform partnership aimed at bringing clients access to advanced audience targeting tools and expanded media inventory.

Combined with Sizmeks existing AI-powered data enablement, creative optimisation and media execution capabilities, the partnership will provide advertisers with automated access to Sublimes network of innovative ad units in a brand-safe and targeted environment.

In addition, the integration will allow access to enhanced audience targeting via the use of the Sizmek AI within Sublimes own platform. According to Sublime and Sizmek, the added ability to optimise to advertiser objectives cross-platform with highly advanced, non-intrusive creative will answer many of the problems facing marketers today.

“We are very excited by this opportunity to partner with Sublime, who, since their inception, have demonstrated a great momentum in building new programmatic, high-impact formats,” said Kees de Jong, general manager for EMEA at Sizmek. “I am certain this partnership will be mutually beneficial in responding to the current and future advertising challenges.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Sizmek to offer advertisers even more opportunities to deliver high-impact creative at scale,” said Andrew Buckman, managing director for EMEA at Sublime. “By integrating with Sizmeks AI technology, our leading platform will empower the marketers to target audiences even more efficiently – resulting in enhanced engagement and improved business outcomes. This is essential at a time when consumers are increasingly demanding and their requirements are constantly evolving.”