Sizmek Announces Next Generation Open Ad Management

SizmekMulti-screen ad management platform Sizmek has announced a huge overhaul of its ad tech stack, transforming its service into what it describes as a cloud-based modular suite, called MDX-NTX.

The company is hoping the rejuvenated product will strengthen its position against competitors such as Googles DoubleClick, which currently leads the ad server market share with a gigantic 64 per cent market share. Sizmek, while in second place, holds only 10 per cent.

“One way for companies like us to compete against a proprietary closed system like DoubleClick is to provide a best-in-class, seamless workflow between partners,” said Neil Nguyen, CEO of Sizmek. “In essence, what has historically been an ad server has been turned into a multichannel, modular campaign management platform.”

Previously, Sizmek has relied heavily on systems that it pieced together from its own software and technology brought in through acquisitions, such as the ad server MediaMind. The new MDX-NTX platform completely rebuilds its stack, creating a much more integrated and streamlined system that includes demand-side platform StrikeAd and programmatic data tools from Peer39.

Combined together, the new platform enables marketers and advertisers to build and target ads, buy media, manage data and campaigns, and evaluate their success across every type of digital touchpoint.

“The path to purchase has become increasingly complex, and its vital that marketers can reach consumers on the platforms and channels that are most meaningful to them, with an integrated approach that creates a seamless experience,” said Mari Carmen Pavon, technology and analytics director at digital communication agency Wink. “MDX-NXT works really fast and the interface is very clean, so even a beginner can manage the workflow effectively.

“Whats more, the new platform enables us to optimise our creative to deliver the right message regardless of channel and drive strategic, omnichannel advertising campaigns for our clients.”