Sizmek Buys StrikeAd for $11.6m

Rahaman: “This is a win-win situation for Sizmek and StrikeAd customers.”

Open multi-screen ad management platform Sizmek has acquired mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP) StrikeAd for $11.7m (£7.4m). StrikeAd can claim, with some justification, to be the world’s first dedicated mobile DSP. We guess the only surprise is that no-one snapped it up sooner.

The StrikeAd platform will remain separate from Sizmek MDX. Following the acquisition, Sizmek said it will offer a mobile end-to-end solution, including building ads; managing and activating data; targeting ads, buying media; and analytics.

Sizmek said that the acquisition marks its “major leap into the programmatic world with scalable tech to empower customers to integrate their campaigns with algorithmic real time optimization to track behaviour beyond the click,”

It added that, despite the acquisition, it will remains an “open” platform offering open APIs for partners to plug into its system, stressing that it is not an ad network or a media company and is a neutral party when it comes to media buying.

StrikeAd CEO Alex Rahaman said: “StrikeAd will continue to support its clients with market-leading solutions as it does today, but it will now benefit from the global scale in sales, support, and services that Sizmek provides, By integrating StrikeAd into Sizmek MDX through DSP Connect, our mutual customers will benefit from workflow and data flow efficiencies that exist within the ad management platform. This is a win-win situation for Sizmek and StrikeAd customers.”