Sizmek Makes Cross-channel Analytics Easier With New Attribution Suite

sizmek_tagline_vertical_RGB_3Open ad management platform Sizmek has released Sizmek Attribution Suite, aimed at delivering full-funnel cross-channel attribution analysis for digital marketing campaigns to the 5,000 agencies worldwide it currently serves.

The suite aims to allow advertisers and agencies to collect, model and analyse each point of consumer contact along the path to conversion on one platform, identifying the most effective media and eliminating any ad spending that isnt helping companies achieve their goals. The suite can collect data from a diverse range of campaign media, from standard display to instream video, from paid search to email.

“The Attribution Suite now empowers users of the Sizmek MDX platform with a more complete set of tools for collecting, aggregating and analyzing the data required for marketers to gain a true understanding of how their cross-channel campaigns drive conversions,” said Alex White, vice president of product strategy at Sizmek. “Our users can quickly make data-driven, informed decisions about where to spend their media dollars for maximum ROI.”

The Attribution Suite will be made available in July, with different models available to meet a variety of clients, from novice user to those more familiar with analytics, who will be able to access granular, multi-channel data sets to build complex attribution models. Sizmeks Device Intelligence module, which will open in beta in June, will complement the suite, providing a more accurate view of customers journeys on mobile devices and other cookie-less environments.