Skuku Launches in Mexico

Skuku, which specializes in network-based telephony solutions, has announced that its  Skuku Roaming service is now available throughout Mexico. Skuku products will be distributed in Mexico by Biocall and can be bought in various retail outlets, airports, hotels and at the offices of travel agents throughout the country.
Skuku Roaming enables customers to place mobile calls and send text messages over Internet connections using their GSM mobile SIM Card, significantly lowering costs. Skuku is a USB handset or USB stick which, once a SIM-card has been inserted, requires the user to pay only their local airtime charges when making calls to, or taking calls from, numbers in their home country. Skukus solutions transform the users PC into a mobile phone, retaining all of the phones features and allowing low-cost VoIP. Additionally, Skuku users can continue to enjoy all the other features of their mobile phone, including contact lists and text messaging.