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Skweezer Updates Ads Service

David Murphy

US company Skweezer has announced an upgrade to its Skweezer Ads service, which enables customers to serve ads to a wide variety of mobile, desktop, and other web-enabled consoles through a single ad feed.
Skweezer Ads is an online advertising service that supplies both desktop and mobile ads in a single ad-feed, automatically displaying the correct type of ad to each visitor. Skweezer Ads customers have the added benefit of being able to use Skweezer's mobilization technology to automatically create a mobile version of their website, which is dynamically created whenever a mobile visitor is detected.
The latest release of Skweezer Ads includes a number of innovations, including a patent-pending algorithm that dynamically converts conventional text-based cost-per-click (CPC) ads into mobile-friendly ads compliant with standards set by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).
Another key innovation is Skweezer Ads' cut-and-paste code, which  detects a visitor's device type, retrieves appropriate mobile or desktop ads accordingly, and optionally reformats and compresses the web content for mobile viewing.
Skweezer Ads is now available to publishers through ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, or JavaScript code. This latest version of Skweezer Ads uses Short URL for easier inclusion into websites, RSS feeds, mobile applications, and SMS messages.
The Skweezer Ads back office has also been updated, and includes a new ad formatting wizard, which allows publishers to use a What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface, to customize the way their ads look. Customers also now have the ability to create multiple ads feeds, or channels, for a single account. The signup process has also been greatly streamlined and is accessible here.
We've finally created a viable AdSense alternative to help publishers monetize every square inch of their websites and RSS feeds, says Skweezer CEO Kevin Perkins. Our ad technology truly fulfills the Web 2.0 promise: we not only help publishers instantaneously create mobile content from their desktop pages, but our patent-pending algorithm also knows the right ad to show for the right modality.