Sky partners with TVSquared to measure true TV ad effectiveness

Sky Media, the advertising sales arm of Sky, has teamed up with TV attribution firm TVSquared to launch a web attribution tool across linear, on-demand, and addressable TV advertising campaigns.

The tool, dubbed ‘Direct Web Attribution’, will enable advertisers to measure the impact a TV campaign has in generating interest and traffic to a brand’s platforms – with the aim of enabling brands to measure mid-funnel consideration and intent goals, link TV exposure to online response, and directly understand the customer journey.

“TV continues to remain the most trusted and impactful way for brands to engage current and future customers, illustrated by the growing number of digital native brands turning to TV. Being able to directly measure the impact TV has on driving web traffic and the resulting sales will be an immensely powerful tool,” said Dev Sangani, Director of Strategy and Capability at Sky Media. “It’s really exciting to see the results for these campaigns come through. Our emerging insights show that there is a 50-100 per cent increase in web visits attributed to TV versus traditional models. Clearly that means TV’s impact on advertising performance has been wildly underestimated.”

The tool will be available across linear, on-demand, and addressable TV campaigns via AdSmart, with sponsorship being added in the ‘coming months’. All data will be available to view through Sky Analytics, Sky Media’s self-serve reporting tool.