Sky Goes Quad Play with Mobile Network Launch

  • Wednesday, November 30th, 2016
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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sky mobile
Broadcaster Sky has unveiled plans to launch a mobile virtual network in the UK, offering customers call and data plans in addition to its existing broadband, television and fixed-line telephone services to establish itself as a quad play provider.

Sky is marketing its Sky Mobile virtual network, which operates on O2s network infrastructure, as “the UKs most flexible mobile service”, with customers able to roll over unused data each month for up to three years.

According to Sky, 46,000 customers have already pre-registered for the service, largely thanks to the company offering existing Sky TV customers free UK calls and texts with any Sky Mobile data plan.

“With £2bn being wasted each year on unused data in the UK, Sky Mobile customers will only pay for what they use,” said Stephen van Rooyen, UK and Ireland chief executive for Sky Mobile. “Plus were giving Sky TV customers a fantastic offer which will allow them to get even more value from their subscriptions.”

The service has three different data plans, ranging from 1GB to 5GB a month, and customers are able to freely switch between plans each month to suit their changing needs. Non-Sky TV customers can add on unlimited calls and texts for £10 per month, or pay on a pay-as-you-go basis.

In another feature for existing Sky+ subscribers, Sky Mobile users will be able to access TV recordings on their Sky Box via their mobile, creating playlists, streaming content or even downloading shows via wi-fi.

“Skys first mobile offering is very competitive, as long as youre already a Sky TV customer,” said Ewan Taylor-Gibson, telecoms expert at “Skys SIM-only set up is distinctly comparable to Giffgaffs. Both piggyback off O2s network and both allow customers to dial their plans up or down depending on their usage. Mobile users love the kind of flexibility – it shouldnt be underestimated as a perk.

“By putting data first, with minutes and texts as an add on, Sky is catering to our ever-increasing appetite for megabytes. But if the TV giant really wants to appeal to data hungry consumers it may have to offer bigger data bundles. However, early interest from 46,000 customers is certainly a head-start out of the blocks.”

“Skys hook is allowing customers to piggyback data that went unused at the end of each month and store it for up to three years,” said Dan Howdle, director of communications at “No mobile provider has ever offered this before. It shows a keen understanding of how customers consumers their data some months they use a lot, others they use very little.

“This flexibility should allow consumers to choose a lower data tariff on the basis of rolling over data they dont use during lower-usage months and that will save them money. Perhaps best of all, though, it may force the hand of other UK providers to follow suit and that would be good for everybody.”