Sky Media partners with Captify to enhance search behavior targeting

Sky Media has partnered with Captify to enhance its Search Behaviour Targeting, offering brands more tailored targeting capabilities.

The partnership, which launched last year, allows advertisers to leverage Captify’s extensive range of custom categories, spanning from “pet and animal interests” to “real estate” and “fantasy football”, combining Captify’s categories to create a bespoke target audience for their campaigns.

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The partnership will also allow for targeting across both linear and on-demand content across hundreds of Sky Media channels.

This comes as one of its first advertisers, The Ministry of Justice (MoJexperienced a 170% increase in prompted ad recall when using the tool for its Prison Officer recruitment campaign compared to the unexposed audience, resulting in a 23.4% increase.

Using the tool, ads were strategically delivered to households actively searching for ‘jobs‘ and ‘education’, complemented by regional targeting around key prison areas.

Similarly, brands including British Airways also utilised the tool, leveraging “travel” search behaviours to target active holiday seekers.

Sky Media Director of Product & Advertising Innovation, Dan Cohen, said: “Our effort to bring the best capabilities of digital to the brand-safe, big screen world of TV has been recognised by our clients, through their adoption of Search Behaviour Targeting.

“The Ministry of Justice is an excellent example of this. We listen to our client’s needs and have worked hard to improve our offering to cater to more clients and our partnership with Captify is a great example of this.”

Captify SVP of Global Strategy & Business Development, Rishi Chande, added: “We are delighted by the growing demand from Sky Media’s clients to use Captify search data to reach desired target audiences.

“We are working closely with the Sky Media team to improve the targeting and attend to the demands of their different clients. This partnership means a step forward of bringing the digital world to the TV and helping clients such as the Ministry of Justice to reach TV audiences as never before.”