Skype calling finally arrives on Alexa-enabled devices

Skype Amazon Echo Show AlexaOwners of Amazon Echo devices can now use Skype to make calls to their friends and family, having previously been tied down to making use of Amazon’s own calling software.

Skype has been made available on just about every one of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices – whether it be an original Echo or an Echo Plus, an Echo Show or an Echo Spot. Using voice commands, such as ‘Alex, call Mum on Skype’, owners of an Echo product can make use of the Microsoft-owned communications platform’s voice call and video call features, depending on the device being used.

In order to setup Skype on an Alexa device, users have to go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Communication, then ‘Skype’ within the Amazon Alexa app. Here, they’re able to sign in using the normal Microsoft account they use on Skype.

Skype has been made available on Alexa in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, India, Australia, and New Zealand, with support for other nations promised soon. Skype is also providing Alexa users with the ability to call most landlines and mobile numbers, offering 200 free minutes of Skype to Phone calling to 34 countries to celebrate.