Skys the Limit for Broadcasters Mobile Search Campaign

When UK TV giant Sky decided it was time to optimise its search engagement by creating targeted campaigns specifically designed for mobile, it turned to another big name: Microsoft. More specifically, its adCenter advertising services.

Previously, the satellite TV company had used hybrid search campaigns targeting both desktop computers and mobile devices using the same keyword engagement. With its customer base becoming increasingly active on mobile, Sky wanted to increase the volume of traffic to its site, and drive click-throughs from mobile devices.

For this secondary, mobile-focused search strategy, Sky utilised Microsofts adCenter targeting tools to create campaigns that reflected the behaviour of Bing’s mobile search audience. These campaigns could be managed and tracked separately from desktop campaigns, with individual keywords and copy, and their budgets could be adjusted according to ROI.

As a result, Skys site saw mobile traffic increase by 133 per cent. Mobile campaigns saw an average 69 per cent higher CTR (Click Through Rate) than desktop, and an average 30 per cent lower CPC (Cost Per Click).

“The delivery of targeted individual PC and mobile campaigns is vital to reach and engage with consumers who are living in a world where their online behaviour is influenced by the device they’re using,” says Helen Southgate, online marketing controller, strategy & planning at Sky. “By integrating Microsoft adCenter into our keyword targeting to create mobile-specific campaigns, we’ve achieved outstanding results in increasing website traffic and mobile click-throughs.”