Slack partners with Oracle on enterprise messaging

Tyrone Stewart

SlackSlack has struck a deal with Oracle to integrate the computer tech company’s enterprise software products into the workplace messaging and collaboration platform.

Through the partnership, workers will be able to use Slack as the interface for Oracle’s sales, human resources and business software. Furthermore, Slack users will be able communicate their internal queries, such as ‘how much more holiday do I have left this year?’, with an Oracle chatbot.

“As you see all these large enterprise software companies looking at messaging as a major platform, they’re looking to partner with us first and foremost,” Brad Armstrong, head of global business and corporate development, told Reuters.

Slack hopes the Oracle integration will help differentiate it from other workplace messaging products from bigger tech players in the form of platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace.

The partnership is said to have come about after Slack secured Oracle as a customer. Oracle has 30,000 workers who use the workplace messenger.